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Pink Beauty Saponaria ocymoides Seeds


Soapwort (Pink Beauty): Dianthus barbatus

  • This long-lived perennial produces sprays of sweetly perfumed pink flowers from spring until late autumn.
  • A cool-season hardy annual that prefers full sun.
  • Grows to 24″-36″ tall.
  • Winter hardy in zone 7 and south.
  • Perfect for cottage gardens, borders and beds.
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Discover Saponaria ocymoides Seeds

Transform your garden with our Saponaria ocymoides Seeds. These seeds bring delicate pink flowers and lush green foliage to your space, perfect for borders, rock gardens, or containers.

Easy to Grow Pink Beauty Seeds

Our seeds are beginner-friendly. Just plant them in well-drained soil, water regularly and enjoy beautiful blooms in sun or partial shade.

Soapwort Seeds

Bring beauty and serenity to your garden today. Purchase your Saponaria ocymoides Seeds and start your gardening journey!

Order now and watch your garden bloom!


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