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Red Poppy Seeds: Papaver Rhoeas (Corn Poppy Red)


  • Red corn poppy seeds, or red poppy seeds, are the seeds of the Papaver rhoeas plant.
  • Bring a touch of elegance and charm to your garden with these vibrant red blooms.
  • Attract bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects to your garden with red corn poppy seeds.
  • Red corn poppy seeds are low-maintenance and easy to care for, making them a great choice for gardeners of all experience levels.
  • Red corn poppy flowers are self-seeding and perennial, providing long-lasting beauty in your garden.
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Red Poppy Seeds: Cultivate Beauty and Biodiversity

Red Poppy Seeds are the precious gems of the Papaver rhoeas plant, also known as red poppy, common poppy, or corn poppy. These seeds have a rich history and offer both aesthetic delight and ecological benefits.

The Iconic Red Field Poppy

  • Origins: Native to Europe and Asia, red poppies have naturalized in various regions.
  • Wildflower Beauty: These iconic wildflowers boast bright red petals with striking black centers.
  • Garden Marvel: Imagine the beauty of waving wheatfields—the same allure can be yours by sowing red poppy seeds.

Attract Beneficial Insects

  • Bees, Butterflies, and More: Red corn poppy seeds are a magnet for beneficial insects. When you plant them, you’re creating a thriving ecosystem in your garden.
  • Height: These striking annuals can reach heights of up to 75 cm.
  • Blooming Season: From June to August, your garden will be adorned with vibrant red flowers.

Planting Instructions for Corn Poppy Red

  1. Soil Preparation: Clear and rake the soil, creating a welcoming bed for your seeds.
  2. Sowing: Thinly sow the seeds over the surface.
  3. Germination: Keep the seeds moist during germination, which typically takes 7 to 30 days.
  4. Watering: Continue watering during dry spells.
  5. Ideal Time for Sowing:
    • OutsideAugust to October (for best results)
    • Spring: If sown in autumn, expect germination in spring.

More Information: Corn Poppy Flanders Red

  • Type of Product: Flower seeds
  • Color: Red
  • Flowering Period: May to July
  • Also Known As: Papaver Rhoeas, Corn Poppy Flanders Red
  • Suitable as Cut Flower: Yes
  • Attracts Bees and Butterflies: Absolutely!
  • Planting Depth: Surface sow
  • Plant Size: 30 – 60 cm
  • Growing Time to Bloom: Spring to Summer

Symbol of Remembrance

  • Historical Significance: Poppies have been immortalized in poetry and are a symbol of remembrance.
  • Conservation Efforts: Sadly, due to intense agricultural practices, this native British flower is in decline. By planting red poppies, you contribute to preserving this species.
  • Rewarding Experience: From vivid scarlet flowers to distinctive seed heads, these blooms will brighten your space and attract bees aplenty.

Guarantee and Joy

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: We stand by our seeds.
  • Joyful Blooms: May these flowers bring you joy!

Transform your garden into a sea of red with our red poppy seeds. Witness the dance of bees and other pollinators amidst nectar-rich flowers. With care and attention, your garden will thrive with vibrant red blooms—a living tribute to nature’s beauty. 🌹🐝


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