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Cosmos Bipinnatus Radiance Seeds


  • Vigorous Annual with Rose-Pink Flowers:

    • 🌸 Rose-Pink Blooms: These sizeable flowers span 12 cm and are adorned with a purple halo.
    • 🌼 Blooms All Season: From early summer to fall, these flowers grace your garden, held aloft by tall stems.
    • 🌿 Low Maintenance: With minimal upkeep, this plant is largely resistant to pests.
    • 🌱 Stature and Span: It grows to a height of 120-150 cm with a span of 60 cm.
    • ☀️ Sun-Loving: Flourishes in bright sunlight and well-drained soil.
    • 🌺 Versatile Addition: Perfect for beds, borders, containers, and cutting gardens.
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🌸 Sensation Radiance: A Marvel in Mexican Aster 🌸

Cosmos Bipinnatus Radiance Seeds – These gorgeous blooms sway in the breeze and belong in every summer garden! These annual plants, known as cosmos, are enormous branching plants with fern-like leaves that are simple to grow from cosmos seeds.

🌼 Mexican Aster: Cosmea, Cosmos Varieties

  • Cosmos Bipinnatus Radiance is a more recent hybrid with pink veins and a deeper flare of rose pink at the base of each petal. Pure beauty is the result!
  • It quickly sprouts from flower seeds, and before long, you’ll have a lovely show!
  • Cosmos wildflowers are native to Mexico and the Southwest of the United States.

🌿 Sensation Radiance Seeds

  • Mexican Aster is a common name for these flowers.
  • They flourish in scorching, desert-like environments yet quickly adapt to a variety of circumstances.
  • The best blooms will be produced with moderate watering.
  • Avoid overfertilizing to maintain flower abundance.

🌻 Cosmos Bipinnatus Radiance Seeds

  • After the risk of frost has passed, sow Cosmos Bipinnatus seeds into prepared seed beds.
  • Disperse the flower seeds over the prepared soil for a more natural look.
  • Keep the area moist and lightly rake the soil over the seeds to a depth of 2 mm.


  • Embrace: March–June
  • Period: Yearly
  • Height: 110 cm (June to September)
  • Setting: Full sun, sand, loam, chalky soil
  • Germination: 14 to 21 days at 20–28°C in a moist state
  • Spacing: Press seeds into the 2 mm soil.
  • Plant: 60 cm between each seed.
  • Ideal for: Cottage gardens, beds, borders, and cut flowers.

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