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Cosmos Bipinnatus Radiance Seeds


  • Vigorous annual featuring sizeable rose-pink flowers spanning 12 cm, embellished with a red-purple halo.
  • Presents blooms throughout early summer to fall, held aloft by tall stems.
  • Minimal upkeep and largely resistant to pests.
  • Attains a stature of 120-150 cm with a span of 60 cm.
  • Flourishes in bright sunlight and well-drained soil.
  • An appealing addition to beds, borders, containers & cutting gardens.
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Sensation Radiance: A Marvel in Mexican Aster

Cosmos Bipinnatus Radiance Seeds – These gorgeous blooms that nod in the air belong in every summer garden! These annual plants, known as cosmos, are enormous branching plants with fern-like leaves that are simple to grow from cosmos seeds.

Mexican Aster : Cosmea, Cosmos Varieties

Cosmos Bipinnatus Radiance is a more recent hybrid that has pink veins and a deeper flare of rose pink at the base of each petal. Pure beauty is the result! It quickly sprouts from flower seeds, and before long you’ll have a lovely show! Cosmos wildflowers are native to Mexico and the Southwest of the United States.

Sensation Radiance Seeds

Mexican Aster is a common name for the flowers. They flourish in scorching, desert-like environments yet quickly adapt to a variety of circumstances. The best blooms will be produced with moderate watering.

Overfertilizing will reduce the number of flowers, therefore avoid doing it. For a new display the next season, they will self-sow their own seeds.

Cosmos Bipinnatus Radiance Seeds

After the risk of frost has gone, immediately sow Cosmos Bipinnatus seeds into prepared seed beds. The flower seeds can be dispersed over the prepared soil for a more natural look.

Keep the area moist and lightly rake the soil over the seeds to a depth of 2 mm.

  • SOWING: Embrace: March–June
  • Period: yearly
  • 110 cm tall : June to September
  • Setting: full sun sand, loam, chalky soil Germination 14 to 21 days.
  • 20 to 28 C a moist state
  • Press into the 2mm
  • Plant. 60 cm between each
  • Ideal for: Cottage garden, beds and borders, cut flowers

Order now and bring a burst of color to your summer garden with Sensation Radiance Mexican Aster Cosmos Bipinnatus Radiance Seeds!


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