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Cosmos Bipinnatus Pinkie – Cosmos Bipinnatus Seeds Pink


  • Growing Cosmos Pinkie from Seeds
  • Direct sowing after frost danger passes
  • Easy-to-follow planting instructions
  • Suitable for crowded gardens
  • Attracts butterflies and bees
  • Adaptable and versatile garden addition
  • Make your garden a pink paradise!
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Cosmos Bipinnatus Pinkie: Cosmos ‘Sensation Pinkie’ is a tall variety of cosmos that produces abundant large pink flowers from June until the arrival of the first frosts. These beautiful blooms emerge on elongated stems measuring 90 to 120 cm, framed by appealing fluffy foliage.

Regular deadheading prolongs the flowering season right up to the first frost. Additionally, they make excellent cut flowers.

Sensation Pinkie

Cosmos thrive in abundant sunlight and well-drained, moist soil, making them highly attractive to pollinators.

For optimal results, consider the following planting guidelines:

  • From February to April, it’s advisable to sow seeds indoors, especially in regions prone to frost.
  • In areas with milder climates, you can directly sow seeds outdoors between May and June, taking into account your location within the UK and EU.

Hardiness: These vibrant flowers bloom reliably every year from June to October, and they are considered half-hardy. They typically reach a spread of 40–50 cm and a height of 90–120 cm. To ensure their flourishing, provide them with plenty of sunlight and well-drained, moist soil.

Adaptability: Cosmos are known for their adaptability as semi-hardy annuals. Their flowering season extends from June through October, and they typically reach heights of 90–120 cm with a spread of 40–50 cm. They thrive in environments characterized by full sun exposure and well-drained, moist soil.

Sow Cosmos Pink

Ten millimeters deep in damp seed compost, sow indoors from February to April. Seeds germinate in 1-2 weeks when kept at 20–25 °C. After the final frost, pot on baby seedlings and harden them off before planting them outside. Alternatively, immediately sow your seeds in cultivated soil from May to June. In 1-3 weeks, depending on the temperature, seedlings will appear after being raked over.

Grow Cosmos Pink

Grow on soil that is wet, well-drained, and in full sun. To promote bushy plants, pinch out the seedlings’ tips. In exposed areas, offer assistance. To extend flowering, deadhead in the summer. Once the plants have completed flowering, remove them in the early autumn.

Cosmos Bipinnatus Pinkie: Your Garden’s Delight

Transform your garden into a breathtaking haven with Cosmos Bipinnatus Pinkie. These majestic cosmos flowers, boasting radiant pink blossoms from June until the first frosts, are a sight to behold. Adorned with the exquisite ‘Sensation Pinkie’ petals and delicate, airy foliage, they reach heights of 90 to 120 cm on sturdy stems. Keep their beauty blooming longer by regularly deadheading, making them a perfect choice for your garden and floral arrangements alike.

Don’t wait! Elevate your outdoor space with the allure of Cosmos Bipinnatus Pinkie. Buy now and experience the enchantment firsthand. Your garden deserves nothing less.


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