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Pink Cosmos Seeds – Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Gloria seeds


  • A stunning addition to any flower garden
  • Large, rosy-pink flowers
  • Easy to grow and care for
  • Drought-tolerant and deer-resistant
  • Makes great cut flowers
  • Can be dried for use in arrangements
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Pink Cosmos Seeds – One of the easiest flower seeds to grow is the cosmo (Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Gloria), and it is also very simple to care for. These lovely annuals are ideal for the weekend gardener because they tolerate neglect well. Sensation Gloria has huge, rosy-pink blooms with a scarlet and yellow eye that are 4 inches in diameter. When planted collectively, they are breathtakingly lovely.

Pink Cosmos Seeds

They only need a little water and a sunny place to thrive. Applying fertiliser will only result in extremely tall, lanky plants with few blooms, so avoid doing so altogether.

Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Gloria seeds

Cosmos wildflowers are indigenous to the UK and Europe. These annuals, sometimes known as Mexican Asters, thrive in hot, desert-like climates and do well in a variety of environments. They have a vase life of 7 to 10 days and are renowned as beautiful cut flowers. Early in the morning, cut the blooms and choose stems with newly opened flowers. Enjoy a lovely bouquet after removing the leaves from below the water line!

After the risk of frost has gone, directly plant Cosmos Mexican Aster flower seeds in the prepared soil. Spread the flower seeds for a natural display, lightly brush the dirt over the cosmos seeds at a depth of 2 cm, and keep moist until germination. Even when packed, they function well.

Order your Pink Cosmos Seeds today and start enjoying their beautiful pink flowers all summer long!


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