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Forget Me Not Seeds : Best Blue Flowers


  • Create a calming and fragrant atmosphere with lavender.
  • Beautiful purple flowers with a soothing aroma.
  • Easy to grow in well-drained soil in full sun.
  • Use dried lavender for potpourri, sachets, and culinary creations.
  • Attract pollinators like bees and butterflies to your garden.
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Forget Me Not Seeds: Symbols of Remembrance

Forget-me-nots are a sentimental way to create lasting memories. Use them in flower beds, as edging plants, or in containers. Their versatility and hardiness make them perfect for informal, cottage-style gardens. Plant en masse for a wave of Blue color or tuck them into empty spaces for a delicate pop of spring cheer.

Easy to Grow for Lasting Memories

Our Forget Me Not Seeds are easy to grow, making them a perfect choice for creating lasting memories in your garden.

  • Sow seeds early in the spring (February or March) for blooms beginning in April.
  • Scatter seeds evenly on the soil surface and gently press them into place.
  • Keep the soil moist until germination occurs.
  • Thin seedlings to 6-8 inches apart once they have established themselves.

Versatility for Every Garden

Forget Me Nots are incredibly versatile flowers, adding a touch of charm to flower beds, edging plants, and containers.

  • Plant them en masse to create a wave of vibrant blue color or tuck them into empty spaces for a delicate pop of spring cheer.
  • Their adaptability and hardiness make them an ideal addition to informal, cottage-style gardens.
  • Available in a variety of packet sizes to suit your planting needs, from small backyard gardens to expansive landscapes.

A Symbol of Remembrance

Forget Me Nots have long been associated with remembrance and love, making them a meaningful gift for funerals, memorials, and other special occasions.

Their delicate blue blooms serve as a gentle reminder of loved ones who have passed and the enduring legacy of memories they leave behind.

Order Forget Me Nots Seeds Today

Embrace the timeless beauty and symbolism of Forget Me Nots by ordering your seeds today. With our easy-to-grow seeds and versatile planting options, you can create a garden filled with enduring memories and lasting beauty.


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