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Buy 1kg Wildflower Seeds UK


Wildflower Pollinator Mix

  • 1kg Wildflower Seeds UK with 20+ native species for a vibrant meadow.
  • Certified organic seeds for eco-friendly gardening and wildlife support.
  • Versatile for various soil types, great for any gardening project.
  • Scatter seeds in spring or autumn for a long-lasting wildflower display.
  • Order now for a beautiful, pollinator-friendly garden!
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Native Wildflower Seeds

Introducing our premium 1kg Wildflower Seeds, the perfect choice for adding a burst of color and life to your garden while supporting local UK wildlife. Our native wildflower seeds are carefully selected to include a diverse range of over 20 species, ensuring a vibrant and thriving meadow that attracts bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

British Wildflower Seeds

These British wildflower seeds are certified organic, ensuring an eco-friendly and sustainable option for your garden. The 1kg bag provides excellent value for larger areas or for those who wish to stock up for multiple planting sessions. The wildflower pollinator mix is suitable for various soil types and gardens, making it a versatile choice for any gardening project.

1kg Wildflower Seeds UK Features:

  • 1kg of native wildflower seeds, offering great value for larger areas
  • Over 20 species of UK wildflowers for a diverse and vibrant meadow
  • Certified organic seeds, ensuring eco-friendly gardening
  • Attracts bees, butterflies, and other pollinators, supporting local wildlife
  • Suitable for various soil types and gardens
  • Perfect for creating a British wildflower meadow or enhancing existing garden beds

UK Wildflower Seeds: Native British Wildflower Pollinator Mix

Sow your 1kg Wildflower Seeds during spring or autumn for the best results. Simply scatter the seeds over prepared soil, rake them in lightly, and water gently. In no time, you’ll enjoy a stunning display of wildflowers that will bring joy to you and essential habitat for local pollinators.

Order your 1kg Wildflower Seeds today and transform your garden into a thriving, colorful meadow that benefits both you and the environment.


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