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Butterfly & Pollinator-Friendly Wildflower Seeds

The Butterfly & Hummingbird Wildflower Seed Mix is filled with nectar-rich blooms that can entice lovely pollinators in all parts of the country. This mix includes a blend of 16 annual and perennial wildflowers, offering bright colors all season long. Suitable for different soil types, these seeds are pure, non-GMO, and neonicotinoid-free, ensuring successful growth.

Hummingbird Nectar Wildflower Seed Mix

Bee and Butterfly Wildflower Mix

Hummingbird and Butterfly Wildflower Mix

Hummingbird Nectar Wildflower Seed Mix
Butterfly & Pollinator-Friendly Wildflower Seeds

Butterfly & Pollinator-Friendly Wildflower Seeds

100% Pure, Non-GMO Seeds

Wildflower Specialists Our philosophy is straightforward – for decades, we have provided gardeners with premium wildflower seeds, flower bulbs, perennial plants, clover, lawn seeds, and specialty flower seed packets – the same ones we cultivate in our own gardens. We’re here to assist you in gardening with confidence!

Butterfly and Pollinator friendly Wildflower Seeds for Sale

What are best wildflower seeds for bees and butterflies?

Best Wildflower Seeds for Bees and Butterflies: To attract bees and butterflies, consider wildflower seeds like Beebombs or Meadow Magic that are bee-friendly and support pollinators.

What are the best plants for bees and butterflies?

Best Plants for Bees and Butterflies: Choose plants like lavender, sunflowers, and milkweed to attract bees and butterflies to your garden.

What is the easiest wildflower to grow from seed?

Easiest Wildflower to Grow from Seed: One of the easiest wildflowers to grow from seed is the Bee Mat Seed Carpet, which contains a mix of perennials, bi-annuals, and annuals and is simple to roll out for effortless planting.

What season is best to plant wildflower seeds?

Annual wildflowers should be sown in spring or through late fall dormant seeding. They rely on self-seeding to bloom annually, so planting too late in spring or summer might prevent them from maturing and generating viable seeds for the next year’s growth.