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Special Mixed Clover


Grow a Bee-Friendly Paradise:

  • Stunning mix of 4 bee-loving clovers
  • Vibrant flowers attract bees & butterflies
  • Naturally improves soil & suppresses weeds
  • Effortless beauty & healthy garden

Soil Superhero:

  • Nitrogen-fixing magic enriches your soil
  • Dense growth naturally suppresses weeds
  • Low-maintenance & thrives in dry conditions
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Grow a Pollinator Paradise: Clover Cover Crop

Beautiful & eco-friendly, our Clover Mix seeds are perfect for boosting your garden! These 4 bee-loving clovers create a stunning display while naturally improving your soil. No more boring flowers – this mix feeds your garden & stops weeds, for effortless beauty & health!

  • White Clover Seeds
  • Alsike Clover Seeds
  • Egyptian Clover Seeds
  • Lucerne Seeds

Key Benefits: 4 Bee-Loved Clovers in 1 Mix:

  • Buzzing with Bees: Each flower is a nectar-rich feast for pollinators, attracting bees and butterflies to your garden.
  • Soil Superhero: Nitrogen-fixing properties enrich your soil, while dense growth suppresses weeds naturally.
  • Low-Maintenance Marvel: Requires minimal mowing and thrives even in dry conditions, making it ideal for busy gardeners.
  • Green Manure Magic: Turn over this quick-growing crop for a powerful boost in soil fertility and structure.

Easy Planting Special Mixed Clover:

Planting couldn’t be easier! Just sprinkle 1.5 grams of seeds per square meter of your prepared garden bed. That’s it! Sit back, relax, and watch your bee-friendly haven come to life.

Grow With Confidence:

Additional Information about Clover Cover Crop Seeds

Peace of Mind, Naturally:

  • Healthy gardens, happy bees! Choose our sustainable, bee-friendly seeds and say goodbye to harmful chemicals. You’ll be doing your part for healthy ecosystems and thriving bee populations.
  • Unleash the Buzz: Attract specific bee and butterfly species native to your region with our specially curated pollinator mixes. Imagine your garden buzzing with life and vibrant with diverse pollinators!

Regional Favorites:

  • Picky Pollinators? We Got You Covered! Our regional mixes are like bee buffets, specifically designed for the bees and butterflies that live in your area. This means you’re creating a welcoming haven for the right pollinators who are most helpful for your local ecosystem!
  • More bees, more buzz, more life! When you attract different types of pollinators, you’re helping your garden and the environment stay healthy and balanced. It’s like throwing a party for all the good bugs!

Create a vibrant, pollinator-friendly haven in your garden! Order your Clover Mix Cover Crop Seeds today!


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