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Sheeps Sorrel Seeds (Rumex Acetosella)


  • Biennial plant
  • Maroon red flowers
  • Attracts bees and butterflies
  • Sow in spring or fall
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Well-drained soil
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Sheep’s Sorrel (Rumex acetosella) Seeds

Field Sorrel

Sheep’s Sorrel is a delightful wildflower that graces existing grassland areas during late spring. This smaller breed of sorrel, with its tiny red and pink flowers, adds a touch of natural beauty to any landscape. Here are the key features of Sheep’s Sorrel seeds:

  • Appearance: Sheep’s Sorrel grows lower than common Sorrel, reaching an average height of approximately 30 cm. Its bright crimson flowers are reminiscent of the more familiar Common Sorrel.
  • Flowering Period: The flowering season for Sheep’s Sorrel extends from May to September, providing a burst of color during the warmer months.
  • Crimson Flower Heads: The vivid crimson flower heads create a striking contrast against the green grasses, making Sheep’s Sorrel a standout wildflower.
  • Sowing Rate: For optimal results, sow Sheep’s Sorrel seeds at a rate of 1 gram per square meter. This ensures proper spacing and encourages healthy growth.

Benefits and Uses: Rumex Acetosella

  • Wildflower Areas: Sheep’s Sorrel is an excellent addition to wildflower meadows, grassy patches, and naturalized landscapes. Its vibrant flowers attract pollinators, including bees and butterflies.
  • Low-Growing Habit: Due to its compact size, Sheep’s Sorrel works well in low-growing wildflower mixes.
  • Acidic Soils: This hardy wildflower thrives in poor, acidic soils, making it suitable for challenging growing conditions.

Sustainable Harvesting: Red Sorrel

  • All our wildflower seeds are grown and sustainably harvested in the Europe and UK. By choosing native wildflower species like Sheep’s Sorrel, you contribute to the preservation of local ecosystems.

Add a touch of crimson beauty to your wildflower area with Sheep’s Sorrel seeds! 🌸🌿


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