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Four O Clock Seeds for Sale: Mirabilis Jalapa Mix Seeds


Unleash the Magic of Mirabilis Jalapa ‘Four O’Clock’ Mix Seeds

  • A Spectacular Formula Mixture of Marbled Mirabilis Varieties
  • Height: Reach for the skies with plants standing 60-90cm tall.
  • When to Sow: Start the enchantment from February to April, sowing the Marbles Mixed Mirabilis Seeds.
  • Blooming Season: Watch your garden come alive from July to September as the Marbles Mixed Mirabilis graces it with its vibrant colors.
  • Enjoy the Fragrance: Plant these wonders where you can revel in their delightful evening fragrance.
  • Bring the Marvel of Mirabilis to Your Garden – Order Now!
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Four O’Clock Seeds

Mirabilis Jalapa Mix

Four O Clock Seeds for Sale: Embark on a journey of botanical wonder with our Mirabilis Jalapa ‘Four O’Clock’ Mix Seeds. This carefully curated blend, featuring three marbled varieties, promises to transform your garden into a realm of enchantment. As the sun dips below the horizon, these fragrant blooms open, earning the charming moniker “4 o’clock plant.” The allure lingers throughout the night, captivating both sight and scent.

Jalapa Mixed Mirabilis

  • Height: Elevate your garden with plants reaching 60-90cm in majestic splendor.
  • When to Sow: Plant the seeds of enchantment from February to April and witness the magic unfold.
  • Where to Sow: Cultivate the spell by sowing seeds under cover onto the surface of lightly firmed, moist compost. Cover the seed to its own depth with compost or vermiculite. Bask them in a warm spot at 20-25°C (68-77°F) until the enchantment of germination takes hold (usually 7-21 days).

Alapa Mixed Mirabilis

  • Transcendence: When the seedlings are ready to spread their wings, transplant them into pots or trays. Gradually acclimatize these botanical wonders to cooler conditions before planting them out after all risk of frost. Space them 30cm (12″) apart in full sun, giving them the stage to weave their magic.
  • Blooms of Night: Watch your garden transform from July to September as the Marbles Mixed Mirabilis graces it with its mesmerizing hues.

Marvel of Peru Mirabilis Jalapa

  • Fragrance of the Night: Plant these wonders where you can revel in their delightful evening fragrance. Witness as they remain open until morning, and even on cloudy days, their charm may not close at all.
  • Companion Magic: Mirabilis Jalapa is a bushy, tuberous perennial often grown as an annual. They intertwine gracefully with other plants, creating a captivating under planting. Hummingbirds are drawn to the tubular flowers, adding an extra touch of magic.

Alapa Mixed Mirabilis

  • Soil Harmony: Four O’Clocks aren’t fussy about soil pH but thrive in neutral to slightly acidic soil. Ensure a rich, well-draining soil to unlock their full potential.
  • Dormancy Alert: Cherish these seeds, for they may go dormant in dry conditions. Shower them with care for a perennial enchantment.

Certified Quality: Four O Clock Seeds for Sale

Seedsalp, registered under an Austrian company, brings you seeds of unparalleled quality and enchantment. Your journey to a magical garden begins here.

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